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Message started by szu on 29. Aug 2020 at 11:16

Title: Re: Jaki virge
Post by zyga64 on 02. Sep 2020 at 11:09
Możesz załadować driver   (You need to Login or Register i za pomocą x-vesa przetestujesz pamięć RAM na karcie. Niestety trwa to dość długo.

X-VESA 1.02 (10-05-2004) (DOS)
X-VESA is a DOS utility program which gives the user the faculty to diagnose and
inspect a VESA display adapter. All modern display adapters are VESA compatible,
for old display adapter (10 years old) you will need an additional software:
a small VESA software (DOS TSR) that add to yours display adapter the VESA standard.
This small software must be launched before X-VESA.
Memory test feature: Test VRAM reliability - Test the VRAM reliability of the selected video mode using several patterns.
This test can detect defective VRAM (useful to detect correct Fast Write support, and maximum available VRAM overclock).
Three test are available: 64 Kb - Fast but insecure, 256 Kb - Relatively fast and secure,
Full VRAM - Extremely slow (several hours on slow machines with much VRAM) but very secure test.
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